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Labanoon The Finest Rock Band From Thailand

SINCE 1996

Back in 1996 Methee Arun-anan and Samananon Srisaranon were both studying at the Islamic College of Thailand they were both interested in music and songwriting. They decide to make music together under the name Labanoon, and participate in the hot wave music contest where they ended in the top 3.

Labanoon means fresh milk in Arabic, it’s named like fresh milk because labanoon want to make music as same tasteless and simple like milk. That’s why Labanoon only make use of 3 instruments, to keep it simple.

In 1998 Labanoons first album “Fresh Milk” was released and was an instant hit. In 1999 Labanoon launched their second album 191 with the single darling I love you. The third album “Black People” was released in 2002. Labanoon has up to 2020 released many more albums singles and gave big concerts as well. If you want to see Labanoons complete history click Here.