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1000pcs Custom Fashion Dust Face Masks + 200free and FREE DHL Shipping Worldwide!!!
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500pcs Custom Fashion Dust Face Masks + 50free and FREE DHL Shipping Worldwide!!!


These are custom design Fashion Dust Mask, they are not n95 masks.

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Just simply send us your logo and we can produce your dust mask right away.

Please note that these customized Triple layered fashion dust masks, they are in no way an n95 mask or surgical mask.  These are simply for fashion and protect from dust, as well with the shortage at the moment they are nice to have.  As they are not n95 or surgical mask they will not protect you as such.

With every Purchase we will be giving an extra 100pcs at no charge to you at all!!!


ONLY $2.80 USD incl. Delivery

Technical Specs:

-Outer layers consist of polyester microfiber dri fit fabric with an included inner layer of semi combed cotton

-Custom designed to fit your character

-Washable and Reusable

-Unique pieces

-Highly Fashionable