Thai Tshirt Factory (TTF) is your one stop screen print and custom clothing solution. Our facility’s goal is to provide all of our clients with the best customer service and at the same time the necessary tools to develop all their custom clothing needs.
  • The Thai Tshirt Factory history is an amazing story of a young business man

    who came to Thailand from London, Ontario, Canada with literally 100 dollars to his name. The idea started December of 2007 and since that time the Thai T-shirt Factory grew into the one of the best T-shirt factories in Thailand and began expanding its business internationally with huge success:
  • The Thai Tshirt Factoryexponential growth is due to Sam’s vision and his team

    That are now all considered family. This resulted in many print jobs for very important clients some of which include; the Government of Malaysia with orders of 100.000+ pieces as well as orders from the Bhutan Olympic Committee for all the athletes, Airlines and many other huge enterprises. Very well-known brands in the fight business started making orders with TTF such as Fight Game and Golden Glory merchandise was printed by the Thai Tshirt factory, Golden Glory is world renowned for world kick boxing champions in the fight sport such as Alistair Overeem, Semmy Schilt, Sergey Kharitonov, Nieky Holzken, Marloes Coenen and many other famous champions.
  • In the first years

    Thai Tshirt Factorybecame the supplier of many local and Thai businesses in the Chonburi area for such venues as Planet Earth Beach Club, Sinners, Insomnia, Spankies, Lucifer, Lima Lima and many more. Basically all major clubs, bars, restaurants, hotels in the Pattaya area. In 2012 office was established in Phuket and others customers from the whole of Thailand found their way to the Thai Tshirt factory. As a result we are now one of the Key suppliers to many destinations in and around Thailand such as Koh Samui, Krabi, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Tao and many other locations.
  • The logo Thai Tshirt Factory

    came from the unique set up from the company. It is friendly to the small business owners that are trying to build up their own brand and company as we also started from a small scale and so we have lower minimums to help out the smaller clients. IF YOU THINK IT WE PRINT IT.
  • Our communication is in English, Thai, French, German, Dutch.

    Thai Tshirt Factory has made a name for its self for delivering excellent quality T-shirts in no time straight from the factory. This means that when you order with us you are ordering direct to the factory with no middle man involved as a result you get a lower price and exactly what you want as there is no error in communication. We also can help you design your own T-shirt, singlet, hoodie or sweater.

Take a moment and browse through our website where you can get a better idea of why we are the best solution for your production needs. We cater to numerous clients and can accommodate many needs based on our customers required specifications. Please take a minute and have a look at some of our past T-shirt production projects portfolio items Feel free to email or call should you require any further information or a custom quotation. Contact us If You Think It! We Can Print It!

Rememeber, Thai Tshirt Factory (TTF) is your one stop screen print and custom clothing solution.