Golden Glory

The birth of Golden Glory started on the sunny island of Aruba on May 23rd, 1999. Producer Bas Boon met businessman Ron Nyqvist and after Boon successfully held the first ever Cage Fighting Championships in Holland in April 1996, plans were made to start organizing on the sunny Caribbean island of Aruba.

After the first Cage Fighting Championships in Emmen, Holland, there was huge political pressure not to have any of these events again in Holland, so for Boon this was a huge opportunity. It only took a few years to follow up on the huge success in Holland, this time on a white beach in the Caribbean. A crew of a hundred and four people flew to the sunny island of Aruba, two months before a cage was built on the island and the location was determined to be next to the disco Havana Beach Club.

It looked like a Charles Bronson Street fighter movie (photo 1, 2, 3), huge sea containers surrounded the arena, in the open air with an entrance from the beach it looked like a movie set from some wicked producer with too much fantasy. However Boon and Nyqvist were determined and with the help of famous trainer Cor Hemmers the event became a huge success!

Producer Frederico Lapenda, a long time business partner of Bas Boon, created the World Vale Tudo Championships. Boon and Frederico met in Japan where the first WVC was held. The corporation between Boon, Lapenda and Nyqvist turned out to be a golden formula. Frederico brought the fighters from America and Boon the fighters from Europe. Ron brought in the business aspect and he turned out to be a great promoter, only the best for him (photo 4, 5).